Tuition and examination fee

Payment methods

The tuition fees are set (by law) and are reviewed every year. You can select one of the following payment methods for paying the tuition or examination fees:

  • Exemption from payment (for example when you have a second enrolment elsewhere or when you are an Exchange student)
  • Other method of payment (for example you follow a Bridging Programme, you pay by your self, you have a non-Dutch diploma and pay for services or you receive a scholarship)
  • Digital authorisation (this is only possible when you have a DigiD and transfer the money from a bank in one of the SEPA-countries)

Changes of payment details
If the detailed information about your payment is not correct anymore after the confirmation of the digital authorization through Studielink, please fill in this form for changes of payment details  and return it to



Type of tuition fee



Students who hold:

- a Dutch nationality

- an EU/EFTA country nationality

- Surinamese nationality

Statutory rate

 € 1.984

€ 2.006

Students who hold:

- a non EU/EFTA nationality who have been granted Dutch "Studiefinanciering"

- a non-EU/EFTA nationaltity who receive a UAF grant.                                                                                                 

Institutional rate I

 € 1.984

€ 2.006

Non EU/EFTA students who'll first enrol as from 2016-2017

Institutional rate III

BSc € 10.000

MSc € 15.000

BSc € 10.111

MSc € 15.166

Non-EU/EFTA students who enrolled in the academic year
2008/2009, 2009/2010 or 2010/2011 and have been
continuously enrolled. The transitional rate will cease to apply
if the student switches to a different programme.

Transitional fee I

BSc € 6.312 

MSc € 10.480

no longer applicable

no longer applicable

Non-EU/EFTA students who enrolled in or between the academic years

2011/2012 and 2015/2016 and have been continuously enrolled.
The transitional rate will cease to apply if the student switches to a different degree programme.

Transitional fee II

(expires 31-8-2019)

BSc € 8.825

MSc € 13.789

BSc € 8.923

MSc € 13.942

Non-EU/EFTA students who enrolled in or before academic year
2007/2008 and have been continuously enrolled.

Institutional rate II  

€ 2.689

no longer applicable

Part-time degree students

Tuition fee for part-time
degree programmes

€ 1.661

€ to be determined

Bridging programme students

Bridging programme rate
(EU and non-EU)

€ 33,07 per EC

€ 33,43 per EC

Extraneus enrollers

Exam fee for extranei                                           

€ 6.000 (from)

€ to be determined

There has, on occasion, been some variation in the rate charged by the Executive Board for Erasmus Mundus projects.

Second degree programme
For academic years 2016/2017 and 2017/2018 TU Delft does not charge any additional fees for a second degree programme  after finishing a similar grade.

To learn more about tuition and examination fees please consult the Student Charter or contact the Central Student Administration.

Hardship clause
Situations are conceivable in which application of the rules results in unreasonable and/or unjust consequences. In such cases the hardship clause may be applied. If you are required to pay tuition fees of a size that you in your individual case find unjust then you may request – in writing and stating your reasons – that a different rate be applied. You can submit this request to the Central Student Administration.

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